Ponomo's tried and true reputation is built on the love of alchemy. This collection consists of re-purposed and reconstructed vintage materials. This one-of-a-kind line is the original place where we paid particular and acute attention to detail and eclectic construction.


As of 2014, Ponomo now offers METALWORKS: a sterling and gold collection. Where the Pre-fab Line uses alchemy to re-purpose vintage and antique findings, the Metalworks Line combines all new materials and metals with the trade of metalsmithing to achieve the authentic Ponomo style.

While still deeply inspired by history and continuing to aim for ageless designs, Ponomo's Metalwork Line begins and ends at the hands and heart of it's designer, Hannah Tarkinson.


This popular Ponomo collection consists of leather jewelry, accessories, and home goods; using only top-grade salvaged hides which are dyed, sewn, and tooled by hand. Unique embellishments and antiqued hardware adorn each bag, wallet, cuff, guitar strap, tool case...

Ponomo Leather Works offers both one-of-a-kind pieces as well as multiples.


Many people have family heirlooms with sentimental value that they've never worn; jewelry that they love but don't feel inspired to actually wear in it's original form. Ponomo has had the honor of breathing new life into several pieces of our clients' jewelry. We love to provide the experience of reclaiming a refreshed piece of jewelry that maintains it's sentimental nostalgia and better suits one's personal taste.

If you have a treasured piece of family history (jewelry or otherwise) that you would like us to repurpose to meet your personal style, please email us at: